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Spring 2010
If you schedule your window cleaning at the same time as a neighbor you will both receive a 5% discount on your cleaning.
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Questions & Answers

Q.  Do I have to be home to receive an estimate?
A.  Not necessarily.  The majority of estimates can be done from outside the home.  The exceptions are ceiling fans, chandeliers, interior storm windows and other interior panes of glass that may not be visible from the exterior.  The quote will be prepared and left for you and then our manager will follow up with you within two business days.

Q.  Are you insured and bonded?
A.  Absolutely.  We carry a liability policy and a service bond.  Our employees are covered by our Workers’ Compensation policy and our contractors have their own Workers’ Compensation policy.

Q.  Have you ever filed an injury or insurance claim?
A.  We have never had an insurance claim or an accident on the job.

Q.  What if it’s raining on my scheduled day?
A.  Our manager or the scheduled contractor will call you to let you decide what you would like us to do.

Q.  Do you still clean windows in the winter?
A.  We sure do.  We clean windows year round if that is what you want