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Spring 2010

If you schedule your window cleaning at the same time as a neighbor you will both receive a 5% discount on your cleaning.

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Having clean, clear windows requires more than just a bottle of ordinary window cleaner and paper towels.  We have spent years refining our process and satisfying our customers.

1.  SCRUB                 
     with a lambskin scrubber and mild soap solution
2.  BLADE                   
     with a window safe razorblade
4.  SQUEEGE            
     around the edge of each window frame and seal with a lint-free towel

Because of our attention to detail and utmost respect for each client's home we use shoe covers and drop cloths while performing window cleaning inside your house.

And While We're Here, We Can Also Do;

Many clients ask for assistance with a variety of household chores, especially those requiring ladders.  Below are a few of the additional services we can provide.

  • Pressure Washing – We highly recommend pressure washing all areas of your home for removing molds, mildews and carbon buildups that rot and oxidize the materials of your home.  Pressure washing not only cleans and brightens; it restores and maintains the life of concrete driveways and patios, brick and mortar, shaker and asphalt shingles, wood, aluminum, or vinyl siding and more.  Molds and mildew is everywhere but can be regularly minimized.
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Window Glazing and Minor Painting mostly around windows or trim areas.
  • Chandelier Cleaning and high light bulb replacement
  • Interior/Exterior Light Cleaning
  • Box Storage and Removal from attics and basements
  • Winter Organization and Sorting Projects in basement, garage, shop, even kitchen cupboards and pantry
  • And other customized requests not listed.  Feel free to ask.  If we don’t do it, chances are we will know someone who does.

Kauai Experience
This includes cleaning the windows, screens and wiping off the window sills.

Maui Experience
This includes the Kauai plus a detailed cleaning of the window frame and tracking.

Kona Experience
This is the ultimate detail package!  We will clean your windows, screens, window sills and frame, detail the tracking and sweep and mop your floors.

Hilo Exterior Experience
This package includes gutter cleaning and pressure washing.  We will pressure wash any and all of the following items:
Exterior of your house
Driveways and
Patio furniture

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